Note the sprig of parsley. Classy!

Also note: I ATE some of this and it wasn’t as gross as you’d think. But I am desperate and depressed. My husband is out on a hunt for better food. If he gets something good I will forgive him for getting me pregnant.

Oh, the humor. It is dark today.

H to the O to the S to the this shit really sucks

Thanks to EPG for this. It’s a statusmeter

Kari’s mood is
scared shitless <—-x—————————>hopeful

Kari’s boredom level is
losing her mind<———————–x———>doing ok

The amniotic fluid level is

The food situation is
starvation diet<—————————x—>gorging

The doctors are being
asshats<——————–x——————>very helpful

Kari’s toenails are
needing new polish<———–x—————-> still shiny

The rest of the family is
going a bit nutty<———x——————-> having a good day

Tick tock

I am in the hospital now from here on out. I am the ticking time bomb right next to the nurses station!

Everything is less minute by minute and more second by second now, but reading the comments from you guys helps.

Thanks again to everyone. Please keep those good thoughts and prayers and everything headed our way.

And in case you were wondering, after you’ve been on a clear liquid diet, hospital food (especially chicken fried steak) kicks ass.

the tide of muddle

I am (trying) to read a British whondunit right now and there’s this sentence…

"…the tide of muddle had advanced inexorably."

That is the perfect description of my brain.

Continued thanks to you all. It is not fun to be a ticking time bomb, but knowing you all are out there is still a true comfort. I hope that it is not greedy to ask for continued good thoughts and prayers.

Continued thanks

I just wanted to say that I read all of your comments and they mean so much. I am still leaking, I am still terrified, but knowing that there are so many people praying and wishing and hoping and sending good thoughts is a true comfort. Thank-you.

still dire

Things are still not super great. Very not super great. But I wanted to say your wishes and prayers and good thoughts mean everything to me and my family. Please, please keep them coming.

A wish

are people clueless
or do they like to play dumb?
Either way, I’m in

How I wish I could be one of those people who post things on messageboards like:

"I’m 20 weeks pregnant and this liquid has been dripping out of me for three days. Can’t I just wait to see my doctor next week after my Cozumel vacation?"


"My belly keeps doing this off and on tightening thing. It is so weird. Sometimes it hurts. Is this from eating expired potato salad?"

But I am the kind of person who posts: "Yes, it is from the expired potato salad. But only if the potato salad made you drunk and got you pregnant first."

Life could be so much simpler.