tired of predicting
acc’dent prognostication

I don’t want to say anything or give any details because it always seems like when I update the blog something terrible happens immediately afterward. But I can’t just leave you guys hanging. So I will say we have been surrounded by family and friends in a protective circle of hope and prayers and good thoughts and distracting DVDs. I am in the bed all day and all night as immobile as one can be when one has to pee 47 times a day.

I am in the throes of the first seasons of Beverly Hills 90210, Babylon 5 and Buffy. I am getting my ass kicked in the email version of Scrabulous. (If you want to play, send me your email and I’ll start up a game. 200 simultaneous Scrabulous games will be distracting. And piss me off because I will lose them all!)

My husband has rigged up a way for the family to all watch movies in the bedroom with me via laptop transferring to computer monitor. Who knew the lightning struck TV would be missed so much?

So that’s your non-update. Still terrified, learning to lean on others, and happy to not have Brenda’s teeth.

5 thoughts on “non-update

  1. Ooh, I loooove Scrabulous! I didn’t know there was an email version; I just play on Facebook. But I tend to lose, too, so let’s play and you can look forward to most likely winning. šŸ™‚ The comments form here asks for my email address, so I assume you can see it; if not you can contact me through my blog or website (


  2. And I forgot to add that I appreciate you updating us. I get nervous when a couple days go by without comment. But I understand not wanting to *really* update; I can imagine you’re feeling kinda jinxed right now.
    Still praying!!!


  3. De-lurking to say I’m hoping for the best for you and sending good thoughts along with everyone else. Would love to play email (or facebook) scrabble with you.
    I think I’d almost rather have Brenda’s teeth than Donna’s boobs post-enhancement. I did always covet Kelly’s hair though.


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