A wish

are people clueless
or do they like to play dumb?
Either way, I’m in

How I wish I could be one of those people who post things on messageboards like:

"I’m 20 weeks pregnant and this liquid has been dripping out of me for three days. Can’t I just wait to see my doctor next week after my Cozumel vacation?"


"My belly keeps doing this off and on tightening thing. It is so weird. Sometimes it hurts. Is this from eating expired potato salad?"

But I am the kind of person who posts: "Yes, it is from the expired potato salad. But only if the potato salad made you drunk and got you pregnant first."

Life could be so much simpler.

One thought on “A wish

  1. Nice haiku. And quite true. Would be so much easier sometimes to just either not know, or be able to convincingly tell others (and yourself) that you don’t know.


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