the tide of muddle

I am (trying) to read a British whondunit right now and there’s this sentence…

"…the tide of muddle had advanced inexorably."

That is the perfect description of my brain.

Continued thanks to you all. It is not fun to be a ticking time bomb, but knowing you all are out there is still a true comfort. I hope that it is not greedy to ask for continued good thoughts and prayers.

16 thoughts on “the tide of muddle

  1. not greedy at all. i tried telling you in comments a week ago or so that you were in my thoughts..but it didn’t post right. so…i’m thrilled that you still want/need good thoughts cuz i’ve been wondering. you’ve got mine! keeping you in our thoughts.


  2. Not greedy in the slightest. We’re happily sending them your way.
    Glad to hear that you have good books to keep you company.
    I’m kind of assuming the games have slid by the wayside? If not and you still want/need a partner in play-age, please shoot me an email. I’d love to help keep you entertained…


  3. And we in the blogosphere heave a collective sigh of relief–the baby is still IN! Woot! Totally understand the muddle (what a great and thoroughly British sentence, btw), and not greedy in the slightest. I don’t think you could stop all the prayers and well-wishing even if you wanted to. 🙂


  4. So glad to hear that everyone is still where they’re supposed to be. I think about you often every day–and, like all of us, am sending lots of prayer and good thoughts.


  5. The Shaffers, Keisers, and Stanfords are all praying daily down here in Griffin GA. You are in our thoughts and we’re all sending hugs to you and the family. You Are Loved.


  6. Hi, still thinking of you, Sam, Georgia, Stephen, and the little guy every day! Praying for the wellbeing of you all. love, the bellems


  7. Get some rest and try to relax. Enjoy the waves of warm wishes and happy thoughts. And update your Amazon wish list, would you?


  8. Glad to see that little WTF is still where he should be. Every night I go to be praying that all will work out. Love all of you very much.


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