H to the O to the S to the this shit really sucks

Thanks to EPG for this. It’s a statusmeter

Kari’s mood is
scared shitless <—-x—————————>hopeful

Kari’s boredom level is
losing her mind<———————–x———>doing ok

The amniotic fluid level is

The food situation is
starvation diet<—————————x—>gorging

The doctors are being
asshats<——————–x——————>very helpful

Kari’s toenails are
needing new polish<———–x—————-> still shiny

The rest of the family is
going a bit nutty<———x——————-> having a good day

3 thoughts on “H to the O to the S to the this shit really sucks

  1. Glad to see you’re still cookin’ that little boy…I’m sending lots of good baby thoughts your way!! Keep it up girl 🙂


  2. We are all cheering for you and baby boy to hang in one more day . . . and one more day. . .and. . .!!! Bonnie, Becky, and the whole clan send hugs and love and prayers to you.
    You Are Loved!


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