Note the sprig of parsley. Classy!

Also note: I ATE some of this and it wasn’t as gross as you’d think. But I am desperate and depressed. My husband is out on a hunt for better food. If he gets something good I will forgive him for getting me pregnant.

Oh, the humor. It is dark today.

11 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. What *is* that? I recognize zucchini and potatoes. I can’t say I’ve ever seen squash presented in such a…straightforward…manner.
    Blech. Good luck with finding something real soon!


  2. I’m with Claire — what the shit is that?
    Reminds me of when I was in the hospital after having Harry — one night the food was so bad and I was so hungry that I was in tears. One husbandly trip to Central Market later, I was satisfied, but still bitter.


  3. That is a cruel, cruel thing to do to a zucchini. Seriously.
    And the meat is… um, yeah. I hope your husband was able to get you something better.


  4. If you’re at Seton (I can’t remember?) there is Waterloo Ice House right across the street, EZs right around the corner, and Central Market cafe. Oh and there used to be a La Madeleine right there? and I know this because I was there long enough to want to kill the person bringing my hospital-food-tray…bleh.


  5. My, what large zucchini you have!
    Was that a mystery meat crepe?
    Did you know that they make a vegan toenail polish? Just in case you wanted to make sure your toes stay nice and healthy. Plus, it actually stays shiny a lot longer. Who knew?
    And that is my disjointed post to you about things that have no relation to each other. Happy gestating…


  6. Looks as yummy as the gringo “Mexican” food we sampled this weekend in Battle Creek, Mich. Although the city itself did smell sweetly of processed cereal. Sending prayers and love.


  7. i think the parsely was actually just something that fell out of the “cook”‘s hair. sending a care package asap.


  8. I’m worried – it’s been a while since your last post. I’m still sending lots of positive thoughts your way and keeping my fingers (and toes) firmly crossed for you…


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