It was close

Yesterday morning at about 8 I started having really painful contractions and more bleeding. They weren’t stopping and I started to feel pressure. Not pushing pressure, but still that familiar labor feeling. Then there was a decel with the baby’s heartrate and things started happening fast. The IV went back in, the nurses showed up in surgery hats, they brought scrubs for my husband (the baby is transverse breech so we are 100% having a csection and it’s going to be an up and down job, old-school). Then my doctor showed up. He did a sonogram and a cervical exam and neither one of those pointed to distress or labor. So it was a gut decision on his part. He said if we were at 28 weeks we would have had the csection. But at 25 weeks 4 days his gut reaction was to wait and try to stop the contractions and keep the baby in my belly as long as possible.

6 shots of terbutaline and one nightmare of a stadol trip later things calmed down. No one expected to make it through the day without delivering him, but here we are. We may only have five more minutes or hours until the red alert begins again, but yesterday is over.

Weren’t we just talking about ups and downs? Damn.

19 thoughts on “It was close

  1. Had a bag packed and in the trunk. Car fueled. Water bottles, snacks in car. Waiting for little WTF to make up his mind is kind of like outwitting a hurricane … you just can’t do it but you try to be prepared. Keep that child in there a little longer, Pop says.


  2. So glad to know you are all right and baby is still where he needs to be. Sounds like you have a good doctor. Many prayers are being said for ya’ll, and the dr and nurses taking care of you.
    You Are Loved.


  3. Thanks for the update– I was checking the blog every hour to find out how you all were doing. Here’s to many more minutes, hours, and days on the inside for the wee one.
    Sending lots of good thoughts your way!


  4. Holy smokes! This is insane. Best wishes to you guys. Hope the wee-est one stays inside awhile longer. Hang tough (like you aren’t already).


  5. I love your doctor! I know he’s a good one to trust 🙂 Hope you make it through one more day, and one more day, and so on and so on… Hang in there mama!


  6. So glad that you are able to let us know what’s happening and also so glad that baby is still in utero. Thank goodness for medicine.


  7. god help this kid if he or she ever gives you any teenager bad attitude bullshit. “i wore lead legwarmers and ate dog food in order bring you into this world safely, young man!” i can’t believe you have to go through all this, but you are some kind of trooper. if pregnancy was an olympic event, you would be an international superstar.


  8. I’m just amazed that you are still posting to your blog after all this!! Keep up the good work mama, I’m praying for you!


  9. Stay-in-there-a-few-more-weeks thoughts and prayers from a total stranger (but former AustinMama) who loves your mamakus!


  10. Once everything works out okay (and it will) I’m going to send you some rockin’ breakfast burritos, sister. Be well.


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