me like food

After 18 days in the hospital (18!), I learned something very important today. I don’t have to eat that food they bring me. I can actually order anything from the cafeteria and they will bring that to me instead!

For lunch I have had a grilled cheese, a half a BBQ pork sandwich, vegetable soup, potato wedges, and a brownie (with another brownie I am saving for later). It is still not the best food I’ve ever had, but it is also not meat crepes (thanks, Claire, for that disgusting, but apt description).

They are also bringing me snacks now. Cheese and crackers or PB and crackers for 10 am and 2pm, and a sandwich and fruit for 10pm. Again, it’s kind of gross (sweaty american cheese slice, anyone? Moldy strawberries?) But I give them credit for knowing that grouchy hospitalized pregnant ladies get fucking hungry.

Also props to my friends who bring by non-moldy fruit and non-sweaty cheese and candy and trail mix and all sorts of yummy things.

Food. Good. Hospital. Sucks. Expectations. Lowered. Need. Salt.


3 thoughts on “me like food

  1. If I could, I’d send you a Varsity chili dog and a Frosted Orange! What’ll ya have, what’ll ya have?!? Have your money in your hand and your order on your mind so you can get to the ball game on time!!!!!


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