When I told the wee one his brother’s name, we were talking on the phone and I was drugged to the gills with a variety of pain meds and flat exhausted. The wee one was having a hard time understanding me. Our conversation went something like:

HIM: What’s his name?
ME: Isaac Sawyer
HIM: What?!
ME: Isaac Sawyer!
HIM: Ike-a-saurus?
ME: (cringing in pain from laughing) Yes! You got it! Ike-a-saurus!

We were up to see Ike-a-saurus late last night. All of the incubators get covered like bird cages so the babies can sleep. We lifted his giraffe-patterned cover and peeked in at him. He was wiggling like crazy, I think having heard our voices.

He was grabbing at the CPAP and not thrilled with the feeding tube down his throat. I was thrilled to see the tube, though. Thrilled to know that the itty bitty cc’s of colostrum I’ve been pumping every two hours all day and all night, are going into his itty bitty tummy. Apparently this is a big step because these tiny guys have immature intestines that are prone to blockages and infections. So fingers crossed that his tummy is just as strong as the rest of him.

Ike-a-saurus Roy.
The most perfect name ever!
The wee one is wise.

15 thoughts on “Roar!

  1. I’m just so happy for you and your dinosaur! Every time I read an update I turn into a giant puddle. Keep stomping Ike-a-Saurus!


  2. When G. was in the NICU she was very mad about her feeding tube, and one time she pulled it out. The nurses laughed and said it was a great sign – the angry ones, they said, the ones who get mad about the tubes, are the strongest ones.
    Yay mighty Ike-a-saurus!


  3. Yay for big brothers and little dinosaurs! I’m sending Ike-a-saurus strong tummy vibes every day and hugs to you. Stay strong momma 🙂


  4. May Ike-a-saurus Roy grow to be the most ferocious dino to ever stomp the planet. Congratulations and blessings to you and all the dinosaurs Roy


  5. Oh, that’s going to be his name forever now! How awesome to be 2 days old and get a kick ass nickname like Ike-a-saurus?
    But you definitely have to put in the dashes, because if you don’t, it looks like Ikea-saurus, and a cheap home furnishings dinosaur is just not as cool.


  6. Wow! My family is now so used to me tearing up every time I go to the computer. SNIFF…
    And I had forgotten about the blankets over the incubators in the NICU from when Violet was there. SNIFF (again)
    Isaac is the best dino-baby ever.


  7. LOVE IT! Ike-a-saurus. Perfect. So fantastic he’s getting mama nutrition, that rocks!! You guys are all amazing me (us) daily. XO


  8. Praying for strong tummy, strong lungs, and few complications. If Ike-a-saurus is anything like his haiku mama, he will be STRONG!!!!And the prayers of many on our e-mail list, prayer list, and church are the strong weapons that are pulling for our little miracle baby!


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