Click click click

In the next few minutes I’ll be on my way home after 36 days in the hospital. We have at least two carts worth of stuff.

It’s bittersweet to be leaving the Ike-a-saurus here and it makes me really sad. We’ll be back tonight to be with him, though.


Did you hear that?!


I can’t believe it. I can’t believe any of this.

5 thoughts on “Click click click

  1. As a fellow NICU alumnus, I can remember how hard it was to have to leave the hospital without Kathleen and how those lovely pregnancy hormones were deserting me by the second,leaving me agitated, exhausted and utterly irrational at times. People would tell me, “This too shall pass,” but it felt like a kidney stone the size of a basketball. Sending you lots of prayers and love for you, Ike-s-saurus and your family.


  2. Sending you feelings of strength and hope. Enjoy the wee and wee-er ones waiting at home for you. What a joyous day for them it will be when you return home! Enjoy being on the outside and all that it brings you.


  3. I know it will be good to be home and with the wee and wee-er ones and at the same time, heartbreaking to be far from Ike-a-saurus. Just take it one day at a time. Sending you and your entire brood lots of hugs and good wishes!


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