The real insult to injury

yay for narcotics
not for the c-section pain
for my stupid mouth

A few days ago I stopped taking all the pain meds for the c-section incision pain, and I noticed a throbbing pain my mouth. Stupid mouth, I thought, just believing I had some kind of irritation from a big sandwich I ate. But the pain kept getting worse and worse, to the point where I could barely open my mouth.

So I went to the dentist yesterday for the first time in seven years. Note to everyone: go to the dentist more often than every seven years.

Guess who gets a root canal and a crown? Guess who’s on antibiotics for an infected tooth? I swear, in the past 10 weeks I can count on two hand the amount of days I’ve NOT been on some kind of stomach-exploding antibiotic.

I spent most of yesterday in a terrible funk. My face hurt, my incision is still sore, my left boob is angry and full… I went to bed at 6:30 and cried myself to sleep. I had to skip the nightly NICU visit because I just couldn’t physically get out of bed. That has never happened to me before – that I have been so defeated and exhausted I couldn’t get out of bed.

Today has been better. The little bit of extra sleep helped my psyche a lot, and Hurricane Ike (though he had a not so great night, too – a lot of spitting up causing low oxygen for a bit) made me feel better this morning when we got to kangaroo and say hello.

I kind of want to stick out my middle finger to the universe for this tooth thing. I mean, COME ON. But then I think about Isaac and all the time in the hospital, and everything that’s happened, and one stupid tooth is nothing compared to all of that. Not a thing. It’s the inconvenience of it that really pisses me off.

Will this make a hilarious story one day? Maybe not.

8 thoughts on “The real insult to injury

  1. Oh man, like you needed one more thing. I’m so sorry to hear about that. And somehow I missed the fact that you’d had a c-section–wow, to have to deal with the recovery from that on top of the NICU drama REALLY sucks. Praying still…


  2. C-sections are not a fun recovery, and now the tooth as well? Ugh. Just…ugh.
    However…the pictures of you and Ike kangarooing made my heart smile. 🙂 You are doing great!!


  3. I’ll stick my finger up at the universe too for ya if you think it would help!
    Still sending happy tummy thoughts to your little dino!


  4. Screw the universe for giving you a bum tooth. I’m glad you got some rest–don’t feel bad for not being able to get out of bed. The NICU is exhausting.


  5. The Token Conservative has had two root canals. The inconvenience of having the procedures is nothing compared with the throbbing pain you are probably feeling on the entire side of your face. I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone, not even a liberal. And when you’re crowned and finished, Cosmic Brownies will have never tasted better.


  6. OH MY GOSH i ALSO had a root canal yesterday. wtf? wierd. so i can say with certainty that absolutely nobody should have to go through that shit post c-section. it is so, so wrong.


  7. I’m so sorry! I made a note of your advice to visit the dentist more frequently than every seven years. And yay for kangaroo care!


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