Ike Menaces Texas!

Hurricane Ike is heading for the Texas coast. Too bad Hurricane Ike-a-saurus isn’t heading to the coast instead. We could forget about the real hurricane and hurricane Ike-a-saurus could strengthen overnight and then we could all go on vacation to the beach.

I am starting to confuse myself.

I was thinking today, as I headed home from the NICU, how lonely parents must feel when their preemie babies are their first babies. It’s so draining and emotional to go back and forth from the hospital everyday, but at least I know that when I come home I have the wee one and the wee-er one to hug and hold close. Even when it’s late and they’re asleep I can still sneak into their rooms and steal a kiss. It’s like fuel to keep me going.

Between the fuel they give me and the energy I get from kangarooing Isaac and watching him amaze everyone, I am somehow able to still move and eat and maybe be a person.

Right now the kids are running around, "dancing" to Blue Rondo a la Turk and I am flat exhausted, and my in-laws are cleaning my kitchen and I desperately need a nap if I’m going to make it to both Back to School night and the NICU tonight, but I can’t leave them to go take a nap. It’s too fun to watch them be crazy.

Isaac gets a prescription for caffeine everyday. Where’s mine?!

5 thoughts on “Ike Menaces Texas!

  1. Hang in there, kiddo. You are amazing, and all of the wee ones are so blessed to have you as their Mama. This too shall pass, and Ikeasaurus will be home before you know it.


  2. Happy Birthday Beautiful. The world and your family and friends are blessed to have you in it. ๐Ÿ™‚
    We’re praying for your Ikeasaurus and you too momma. Many hugs and much love from the one who is mystified why the hurricanes are going AROUND Florida this year.


  3. Happy Birthday, Kari!!!! You are doing so great with those kids. We are all so proud of you!
    The pics of Isaac are beautiful, and the kangarooing is soooo sweet to see. Keep hanging in there – we are all still praying for you and baby Ike!


  4. Ha, I’d forgotten about preemies and caffeine. ๐Ÿ™‚ (When I was donating to the milk bank, I stayed off caff so the babies wouldn’t get too much from the milk + from their daily dose.)
    Ike is BEAUTIFUL — so sweet, and such a handsome wee face. You and yours continue to be in our prayers.


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