In case you didn’t know…

The world is supposed to end today! Or at least the beginning of the end of the world is suppsoed to start today.

Those crazies at CERN are going to try and create real life dark matter today. Along with a tiny black hole. Or is the tiny black hole the same as dark matter? I am too tired to figure it out.

Anyway, this is all very fitting, because today is my birthday! And if the world were to end on my birthday this year I would not be surprised one bit. I would be pissed, though, because I have put a lot of hard work into a lot of things and to see it eaten by black hole would be really fucking irritating.

But yay! Birthday. Turning 25 is great. I am celebrating with booze and chicks.

(Truthfully, I am 32 and I am celebrating with a breastpump and a Snickers bar. It’s not so bad.)

Keep an eye out for the black hole, and if you see it, tell it to go away. or at least wait until tomorrow. Thanks.

12 thoughts on “In case you didn’t know…

  1. Happy Birthday, kiddo. I still have the shirt I wore on the day you were born at Northside Hospital in Atlanta. Just waiting now for a postcard from the hospital inviting you to the next ice cream social! Love you.


  2. Oh wow, Kari– I had no idea! Happy Birthday to you, and congratulations on the sweet babe… I haven’t even met the big sister yet!
    Add me to the people thinking about your regularly now…


  3. just want to clarify, I meant to type that I will be thinking of YOU regularly now, not thinking of YOUR REGULARLY, which could be some sort of weird post-natal laxative reference….


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