Shout out

I just want to say that Medsavers Pharmacy KICKS ASS. It is even better than having Canada in your backyard. Not only do they have all generics at insanely affordable prices, they are just the nicest people ever. When I was just out of the hospital and my pain meds were making me nauseous and the on call doc said that a prescription for Zofran would cost upwards of $430 at the (normally great) HEB, I was distraught. Pain or barfing. Not an excellent choice.

But Chris and Bryna at Medsavers swept in to save the day (even when the store was closed for labor day). A generic version of Zofran is only about $20 at Medsavers. Can you believe that? What is WRONG with other pharmacies?

With so many medical costs and a horrible black hole feeling that the insurance companies are out to get us and the hospital will bankrupt us, it is incredibly uplifting to know there are people in medical-related fields who are not actively trying to screw everyone over.

So if you live in or around Austin and you’re tired of paying out the ass for medicine… or if you’re tired of supporting big conglomerates like Walgreens… or if you just want to deal with nice people… go visit Medsavers. Tell them I sent you.

They’re a small Mom & Pop shop and they don’t advertise and they didn’t ask me to do this. But they deserve a huge shout from the rooftops. This is as good as I can do right now:


Chris and Bryna rock my non-nauseous socks.

5 thoughts on “Shout out

  1. I’ve used them for several years and tell EVERYONE I know needing meds to use them. You are right, they are great people with an honorable mission, to get medication to people at a fair price!!


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