Storm Diary: Day Two, Part II

From my dad at 2:30 pm today:

Reporters in the field are braving swamps, floods, debris-filled
roads and other hazards as they try to collect data for our readers and
Web site visitors.
I went outside a few minutes ago (our elevators are back on line,
thank goodness). It’s deathly humid, and debris still fill the streets.
Some street poles look like a giant saw just sheared their lights away.
Glass is everywhere. Trees, awnings, outbuildings, signs, traffic
signals and other junk are everywhere.
Upwards of 3 million people are without power across the Houston
area. Piers and famous landmarks along the Galveston Seawall simply
vanished into the Gulf. In Houston, Brennan’s, a popular restaurant,
burned down at the height of the storm last night.
My car was safe in the company garage, albeit surrounded by a
giant puddle, palm fronds and some insulation blown in from another
Police cars are everywhere downtown, checking IDs and ordering
folks off the streets. Another curfew starts at 7 p.m. Many of our
editors still won’t be able to get in today because of road closures in
and around downtown. Some have had damage to their property, trees and
fences down.
We plan to have normal deadlines tonight, meaning we’ll be here at
least until 11 p.m. or later filling the paper with news and the Web
site with comment. Some reporters and editors also will be here
overnight to provide updates.
Ike. You won’t be forgotten.

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