Storm Diary: Day Two

My dad’s report from this morning:

Carole took Gus and fled to Austin. [Kari’s note: That’s my mom and their elderly dog]
I’ve been at the Chronicle, reporting on the storm. Don’t know how my house fared, but the
damage is pretty incredible along the coast. Downtown looks like a tornado hit it, but power remarkably is still on. Condition of water supply is in doubt.

We survived the eye of Ike. Some of us stayed at the Chronicle last night. Others, like me, bravely walked through 48 mph gusts two blocks to the Magnolia hotel.

I stayed on the 12th floor. Filled the tub with water as advised. Snacked on fruit and water. About 3:20 a.m. awoke to rumblings. As little Georgia would say, IT WAS LOUD as Ike rumbled through town. Wind whipped through the downtown canyons make awful rumbling
sounds. The elevators sprang leaks. The water in my tub was making its own waves. Pretty scary. But despite various leaks, the hotel weathered its storm. Lost its satellite connection. Had to walk up and down 12 flights.

BUT, downtown is an oasis of electricty, thanks to underground utilities and the upgrades since Hurricane Rita. We had a hot breakfast and a/c this morning. Again stupidly walked back to the Chronicle in the rain and wind.

The streets are full of debris. Awnings down. High-rise windows smashed and STILL falling. Loads of metal window frames in the streets. All the trees surrounding our building are uprooted. Looks like a tornado hit. Water supply’s safety is in doubt.

But we are the fortunate ones. Power is out everywhere all over metro Houston and beyond. Folks who stayed in Galveston and the low-lying areas of area are suffering. The city manager has asked photographers not to take photos of "certain things," presumably

We’re working on the Web site now, and lots of folks are doing their best to tell readers and their friends and family about survivors and the condition of their communities.

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