Did you bring your pump?

Had the root canal a couple of days ago. I am unclear on why my mouth hurts more now than it did BEFORE the stupid root canal, but at this point I am not surprised. Hopefully, in a few days it will feel better. If you scrape out a nerve in a tooth, shouldn’t that tooth not hurt?

Oh, and in case you were wondering, dentists are lying liars. "Your root canal will only take 45 minutes." "You won’t have any pain afterwards – maybe a bruised feeling." etc.

When I showed dismay at being in the dentist chair for the SECOND HOUR, I asked how much longer it was going to take because I needed to pump. "Did you bring your pump with you?" the friendly hygenist/devil asked.


No I did not bring my hospital-grade rented pump with me to the dentist’s office. Can you imagine pumping while hanging upside down in the chair. Can the hygenist suspend gravity so that I can pump during the root canal? My body would be filled with pleasurable sensations, wouldn’t it?

Speaking of bodily sensations, if I lay on top of my bed with no clothes on, and don’t move at all, nothing on my body hurts. My arms fall asleep, though.

Actually, other than my stupid face, the aches and pains of bedrest and surgery aren’t so bad today. I avoided the wheelchair for one leg of this morning’s NICU visit, and Ike-a-Saurus actually rooted around while we were kangarooing and was rewarded with a few minutes of suckling. He didn’t get any milk, which is completely expected, but just the act of nuzzling at the breast was amazing. He gave a couple of sucks and then I managed to pump about 14 gallons of milk. Ha.

Is this a rambling post? It feels rambling. Maybe that is because there is so much noise surrounding me right now. Why the wee one has about ten pounds of change in a scarf and is rattling it around remains a mystery. What will not be a mystery is why I take that scarf full of change and heave it across the street.

Oh, and by the way, my insurance has denied all of my hospital claims. All. Of. Them. That is a post I can’t muster the energy to write, because really. I could go on and on but Fuck Those Assholes seems to be very concise.

Ramble over.

11 thoughts on “Did you bring your pump?

  1. You have got to be kidding! What planet is the insurance company on? Did the premature birth not indicate a need to hospitalize you?
    Sheesh. Your stated opinions are politer than the ones I would have if it was me.


  2. Right there with you on the insurance hate train. I spend a good 3-4 hours each week on pleasant phone calls, laden with way too many ‘can I put you on hold while I research this?’-es.
    Insurance Minsurance.


  3. I had to send mine back in with an explanation. Ours doesn’t cover delivery except with complications. I had to write back in and explain there were complications.
    Of course they still didn’t send us any money because our deductible is way too big. But that’s another rant, as well.


  4. Do not talk to customer service people. Ask very politely, but very firmly, to speak to case managers/supervisors/whomever actually has the authority to make decisions. Don’t spend time talking to people whose job is to make you go away without a fuss. Make copies of all admissions, hospital bills and doctor’s orders as far back as the first prenatal visit. Get a letter from your OB, explaining exactly why you needed everything you did. Lots of paper! Good luck.


  5. Oh the insurance headaches. A soap box of mine that I won’t go into. I’m so sorry you have to deal with it.
    Yay for rootin’ around!!! Go Ike 🙂


  6. Eff the insurance companies. Don’t even get me started. I could rip someone’s head off just thinking that they are messing with you after all this.
    And the dentist lied to me about the pain of my crown prep, too. Maybe they’ve found that’s the way to get more people into the chair.
    But yay for Ike nuzzling. That is super awesome news!


  7. My root canal hurt more afterwards than before. After they put the temp crown on, that’s when the real agony started. It finally started to subside the day I had to go get the permanent crown. And f the words, “you won’t feel a thing”. I had to keep throwing up my hand and yellling “AGGG” to signal I need more!!! I asked the very same question about the no nerve -why do I feel pain connection and wasn’t really given an explanation.
    As for the insur co, don’t even deal with it until you are ready. They’re not going anywhere.


  8. Poor Mama! I dealt with the hospital about my 5 week old’s surgery for 6 months. Finally it paid off. Such a pain, but hold tight! Yay for Ike-a-saurus rootin’!!! : )


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