A night out

The wee one and I had a date tonight!

We scored some free tickets to Ballet Austin’s "Not Afraid of the Dark" glow-in-the-dark ballet. (Well, I promised to chat up the ballet on the blog in order to get the free tickets – full disclosure and all that.)

But you guys… the show was great. I would say it was great even if I’d spent the $10-$14 for tickets (which isn’t a bad deal at all). It was only an hour-long performance, which was perfect for the wee one’s attention span. Disco balls, glow-in-the-dark dancing human-sized stick figures, a brief appearance of a glowing Hoberman sphere – it was a lot of fun.

They snuck in some real ballet, along with the cool tricks, so I’m happy to say the wee one liked those parts, too. My only vague complaint was that the costume for the "mother" in the show looked an awful lot like a maid’s dress. But maybe I am sensitive to things like that. Ha.

There was one part in the show when these incredibly bright lights flashed and the dancers shadows were frozen on some green screens. It was blinding, but impressive. Lots of oohs and ahhs and arghs! from the audience.

It was a nice evening. The wee one and I haven’t gone out by ourselves in a very long time. We had to get my husband to drop us off because I still can’t be hiking all over downtown to park, but I made it through the show without any aches and pains and that was a real relief. The wee one was overjoyed to have his folks home with him tonight instead of going to the NICU (which is what we’ve been doing every night after he goes to bed and there’s a grandparent here to watch the kiddos). He has been having a really hard time understanding why I need and want to go to the hospital so much. So having a night of no hospital – though hard for me – was just what he needed.

And the show was short, so no pumping drama!

If you’re in Austin and you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids this weekend, Not Afraid of the Dark would definitely be fun. And I’m not just saying that because they want me to. I swear.

It was a nice time and we really, really needed it.

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