He stinks

sniffing homemade cheese
it is a great stinky smell
when in tiny neck

Ike-a-saurus is so smelly all of a sudden! Like blow-out-your-cheeks-put-one-finger-on-your-lips-
pretend-that-you’re-trying-not-to-barf smelly. For real.

I’m not sure how one gets so stinky while living in an isolette pumped full of regulated clean air, but I’m guessing it has something to do with trying (sometimes unsuccessfully, but mostly successfully) to keep 30mL of expressed breast milk in one’s belly every 3 hours.

I am so proud of his stink. He smells like a real baby. Not that he isn’t a real baby, or that I haven’t perceived him as a real baby, but something about the visceral neck cheese smell does my heart good. He is a real baby. A tiny real baby.


5 thoughts on “He stinks

  1. Yay for stinky milk babies!! I’m so glad he’s doing so incredible, and I’m so glad you got a date with the wee one. That’s healing for both of you!


  2. You were a sweet smelling baby; it was that sister of yours (does Julie read this? ha) that used to have that spilt milk smell. Probably still have ancient furniture with her baby spit on it!!!


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