fortress of solitude

sshhh do not disturb
but there is no sign to hang
only stealthy lock

I really, really like hot showers. I could stay in a hot shower for hours. Sometimes, thanks to my awesome shower bench, I DO stay in the shower for a long time (though maybe not hours). It’s relaxing and for some reason it allows me to think about things other than day-to-day stuff. Even now, with so much else to worry about, I can take a shower and get ideas for new books, think up dialogue for stories I want to work on, plan pieces that will be kindly rejected by McSweeney’s….

And while I am soaking and musing I often hear the tell-tale kaboom kaboom kaboom of the kids running across my upstairs bedroom, on a beeline for the bathroom.

This is when I brace myself for one of my most favorite sounds in the world – the WHUMP and then soft bounce of the children slamming into the locked bathroom door and then gracefully arcing through the air to land on their soft little bottoms.

The door always steadfastly holds its own against the kids. The raining noise of my watery fortress always drowns out their indignant wails. And I get a nice hot shower.

Glory be to the person who invented the combination of button locks, hot water and Sunday mornings.

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