I’m not going to be able to liveblog the Emmy’s tonight. (Yes, yes, I can hear the wails of who cares-ed-ness.) I am too lazy to go back through the archives to see how long I’ve been doing the Emmy liveblog – two years? three years? Anyway, I’m kind of bummed to not be doing it this year, but unless they have a TV up at the NICU, it’s going to be tough.

HOWEVER, I can’t leave the Emmy’s completely alone. No way. I’ll be home before they’re over and if they are anything like they’ve been in past years I should be able to fast forward through the 17 hours of commercials and catch up pretty quickly. So stay tuned.

Go 30 Rock!
Go Tina Fey!
Go Amy Poehler! (What? Has anyone else ever been nominated as an actor from SNL?) Awesome.
Go Michael Angeli for Battlestar Galactica’s writing!
Sorry Pushing Daisies that you’re up against 30 Rock, because you’re going to get smoked even though I think you’re pretty cool.

Acting nods for the Wire? Where are you? Acting nods for BSG? Hello? I mean how can anyone ignore Mary McDonnell? And what about Friday Night Lights? Connie Britton acts more with just her eyelashes than pretty much anyone else on TV. 

Also… WHO CARES ABOUT BOSTON LEGAL?! ARGH.  I can’t even make a joke about it because ALL OF THE JOKES HAVE BEEN USED UP. For real. After all 900,000 nominations this show has received over the past 100 years there’s nothing left to make fun of.

And why forget David Duchovny? He could use the distraction.

Almost done with the rant, but wait… how can they leave out Elizabeth Perkins from Weeds? How? Celia kicks certain ass. And she is forsaken for who? Holland Taylor? Come on.

OK. OK. Clearly TV means too much to me. But you have to remember it has been a very close companion of mine for quite some time. My sorry butt, sitting in bed for so so so long, was comforted greatly by Laura Roslin’s strength through her fear, Celia’s hilarious cancer, Hank’s general badassery, Liz Lemon’s all round awkward awesomeness….

In fact, I’m kind of going through some TV DT’s right now while I spend all my nights at the NICU. I’m so behind on all the new shows (and the old shows) and I haven’t even watched an episode of Gossip Girl yet. I know!

So no liveblog, but obviously I won’t be able to leave this alone. I’ll be back. If only I could liveblog both Ike-a-Saurus and the Emmy’s!

7:01pm: Ike poops!
7:02pm: I want to kick Howie Mandel in the mouth!
7:10pm: Ike’s heartrate is steady and calm!
7:11pm: I still want to kick Howie Mandel in the mouth!

It would be great.

2 thoughts on “Sorry!

  1. So glad to know someone else finds Mandel completely annoying. Ike’s poop is definitely more interesting. I’m taping (yes, really, a VHS tape) the awards so I can fast-forward through what I want to ignore.


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