a debate debate
whether to liveblog or not
sleeping seems more fun

I toyed with liveblogging the debate that’s going on right now, but ugh. It is giving me a headache. Do these things really change anybody’s mind? I mean, I see why debates are necessary, but I am just too tired to put up with paying attention to it tonight.

McCain wants to give me a $5000 tax credit to purchase health insurance for my family? The same health insurance that costs $12,000 a year in premiums alone – not counting deductibles and co-pays and getting-fuckeds? Can I use that $5000 tax credit towards the $100,000 bill from the hospital that my insurance is trying to refuse to pay? Gee, thanks.

No energy to even get started on this.


One thought on “Gak

  1. I was just saying the same thing. What the hell is a $5000.00 credit going to do for any of us. That is barely a drop in the bucket, even for those that don’t have a $100,000. hospital bill. Was that supposed to sway us?
    Si, GAK!
    Si, Obamanos
    Si, Ike!


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