Nippling Protocol

Nippling Protocol
Not a dirty spy movie
a big step ahead

Ike-a-saurus begins his nippling protocol today! And though it sounds like a backroom James Bond-esque porno, it is not. It means the nurses are going to try to feed him a bottle. It also means we can really work on the breastfeeding in earnest. Yay! He is officially 33 weeks today, gestationally (which is weird to say, since he is gestating in a little temp controlled condo and not my belly), and 33 weeks is when they can really start practicing the whole suck, swallow breathe thing.

Wish us luck – this one’s a biggie towards coming home!

5 thoughts on “Nippling Protocol

  1. Three cheers for nippling protocol! (That’s #253 of “Things I Never Thought I’d Type.”) What else is on the checklist before he can go home? Certain weight? Other milestones besides being able to eat? I’m praying it’s soon!!!!


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