What’s your story?

I was reading this week’s Entertainment Weekly and there’s a line from Stephen Colbert commenting on how big his hips look on the cover photo. He says, "I could drop a baby like a peasant."

Reading that line made my milk let down.

Yes, even my boobs are out to prove that I am crazy.

Also, the smell of olive oil makes my milk let down, because I use olive oil to lube up the flanges. God, how I wish "lube up the flanges" was a euphemism for something.

So. Colbert’s hips and olive oil. I have to steadily avoid Italian restaurants showing Comedy Central, or else it’s a Kill Bill splatterfest of milk everywhere.

I can’t be alone in this. Right? Anyone else have weird stuff make their milk let down? Anyone? Someone help me out here.

3 thoughts on “What’s your story?

  1. Oh, lord. I am the queen of inappropriate letdown. Start talking about vegetables? My milk lets down. Arden says she wants to be a robot for Halloween? My milk lets down. Friends don’t know which channel is NBC and I tell them…and my milk lets down.
    Also, I have one spot on my left areola that leaks milk. Not on my nipple. Outside of the nipple, out in the areola-zone. It doesn’t quite leak, really. One little drop of milk slowly appears on the surface, right there, whenever my milk lets down. Kinda weird.
    Jodi, sharing too much? Naaaah…


  2. I wish I had something entertaining to share, but my old-lady nipples were amazing. I was so proud! They were like brand new faucets, I’ll tell ya. On when I needed them, and off the rest of the time. I never had letdown problems, in either the “on” or “off” setting.
    The only time I was embarrassed by milk was when I went shopping for a new nursing bra. Jo was about 6 months old, I’d estimate. I was at Special Addition, browsing, and I asked the clerk to try something on. She said, “Yes, but please be sure to change your pads first.” I said something like, “Oh, I *never* leak,” and the poor woman had to delicately point out the HUGE stain on my shirt. Haha! I had no clue!
    Other than that, though, the boobs kept it in except when I needed it. I was lucky, I guess.


  3. Ooh, me! For the first few months after my baby was born last year, my milk let down when I sneezed, whenever I heard compelling music that really grabbed me, and once when I had my mind blown by a 90 second montage of key moments from The Sopranos.


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