Look who’s 4lbs 3.1oz!

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Ike-a-saurus was moved to a bassinet today. Yay! Good-bye temperature-controlled isolette, hello noisy cold room of nurses!

This is actually a trial run to see if he can maintain his temperature without getting too cold or too tired, and without losing any weight. He may have to go back to his plexiglass condo, but hopefully not.

There’s some talk about giving him EPO for his anemia (the same stuff the doping cyclists take!). But hopefully his platelet count will go up and we won’t have to worry about it. I guess with preemies, their little bodies aren’t able to make their own red blood cells yet, so they get anemic pretty easily. Our fingers are crossed that his numbers will go up in the next week or so and we can avoid any illicit cycling drugs or transfusions.

I tell you what, it is getting harder and harder to leave this little guy at the NICU. He’s my baby. And I have to drive 20 minutes, park in the giant parking garage, walk a mile to the elevators, hitch a ride to the 8th floor, get permission to enter the NICU, scrub my arms like they are covered in malaria soaked with flu wrapped in ebola virus, and then steal a chair and screens so that Ike and I can have an hour or two of time together.

I am trying to not let it get to me. I am trying to stay happy and excited and positive and very ra ra about it – because after everything we’ve been through, it IS ra ra right now. But still. I want him home. I want him to remember to breathe when he eats (he’s getting very good at it). I want him to be ready to holler in the car seat. I want to be writing blog posts about how the kids won’t leave him alone and about how the stupid dog keeps waking him up from his naps. I want him here. Right now.

Ah, well. It’s hard to not be impatient. I feel like I’ve been tested enough. I am done with the being tested. I just want to hold him and watch poorly chosen TV shows with him. I want the wee one and the wee-er one to get to see him everyday. I want a lot of things.

Mostly, though, I want to show you how dressed up he got today for the big move. Necktie and matchy matchy hat. Woo!

5 thoughts on “Look who’s 4lbs 3.1oz!

  1. Hang in there!! He’s getting so big & handsome! I was a 28 weeker and was in the NICU for 7 weeks. My mom had to drive and hour one way to get there. She said it was the most difficult thing, having to leave….. I can only imagine. He’s right where he needs to be, getting stronger by the minute! Yay Ike! He’ll be home in no-time, getting picked on and poked and prodded and sniffed by the wee and wee-er one and the dog…. and mama too!


  2. He looks so great in his sweet necktie shirt. The photos make him look like a full term babe. He is doing so well. I think popcorn, coke and some bad TV aren’t too far off. Keep rockin’ y’all!


  3. Look how big he is!! Too cute 🙂 As soon as he gets the whole breathing/eating/temp controlling thing down, he’ll be home and in the middle of the chaos and it will be wonderful! Stay strong mama and grow big Ike-a-saurus!!


  4. Yay, Ikey! He looks great! Here’s hoping the next few weeks go by so fast that you don’t even remember when they happened.


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