learning to read minds
missing manual chapter
when you become mom

Just in case you were wondering, when your two-year-old runs around the living room in an angry fit and she gives you a look like, "Why aren’t you doing what I ask?" And she starts screaming, "MONKEYS! MONKEYS! MONKEYS! AHHHHHH! MONKEYS! AHHHHH!" What she means is, "Can you please turn on Sesame Street – specifically any scene with Elmo or other hairy Muppets? Thanks. I would love that."

4 thoughts on “FYI

  1. Oh yes, I need that chapter as well. My eldest comes up to me and says, “remember that time” and then looks at me as if I’m on the same wavelength as him and know exactly what he’s remembering!


  2. We’re going through this right now too! G has a million videos stored in his head from, and he requests them based on the most miniscule detail in the video. The elephant video? The tree video? The fish video? WTF?
    “No! No! The other video!” is heard a lot around here.


  3. This is what happened when she repeatedly asked me for “budgies” during her morning snack. I opened the pantry for her to point but still wasn’t getting anywhere and, I think, infuriating her that I didn’t know.
    She finally added the “cheddah” so I could understand that she meant “cheddar bunnies.” Whew.


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