Lightbulb nippling


Too good not to share
Must ignore fears of jinxing
Ike’s almost ready

We have the word from Dr.s H, P, and L, ike’s team of neonatologists. We have the word from the case worker and the social worker. We have word from the nurses.

If Ike-a-saurus can take all of his bottles for several days in a row, he can come home. If he can go 10 days (we’re at least three days into this) without any resting Brady’s, he can come home. It could be as soon as this time next week or as long as three weeks. It’s all up to him.

We’ve been instructed to buy a car seat. We’re all signed up for a CPR course.

So if you have a spare moment, please throw out a whisper to the universe or God or Buddha or whomever you want… Please ask for Ike to eat. If you want to be specific you can ask for him to master his nippling. I bet God loves the word nippling. Who wouldn’t?

Ike-a-saurus is doing well with his bottles and his breastfeeding, but he still has a lot of work to do – especially with the turning blue when he gets too much milk. That needs to stop. The doctors say any day now he will have a lightbulb moment and just go crazy for eating.

Lightbulb nippling.

That’s what we want. Here’s to lightbulb nippling and an insanely expensive car seat!

Go, Ike, go.

14 thoughts on “Lightbulb nippling

  1. Go, Ike, Go, indeed! I’ve been following your posts for a while, and hoping and praying that Ike continues to recover.
    As a hospital chaplain, I once prayed for someone to fart (I think it had something to do with a kidney transplant or intestine surgery).
    I also had a patient who “suffered” from a prolonged erection (no joke). That prayer was, uh, interesting.
    So, I think praying for lightbulb nippling is just fine. Especially for Ike. He’s just so cute.
    May you continue to be surrounded by love and support in these days.


  2. You need to get a trademark on that phrase! We went through that phase 9 years ago – my big healthy former blue baby is now watching cartoons and bugging me to make her lunch. Go Ike!


  3. Wow!!! I can’t wait to hear that you have him home and are wrangling all three 🙂 Wait, I bet we won’t be hearing much then…Still! I am so excited!


  4. I’ll be sending lightbulb nippling prayers your way every day!!! Happy bottle thoughts and happy pink baby thoughts 🙂


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