They say it’s not a setback

Well, they put Ike back on the canula for his feeding times. He was scaring everyone with those bradycardias while he ate, especially the ones during breastfeeding. I guess the little ones don't usually have the heart rate drops during breastfeeding. I tried to tell them the reason why it's happening with him is because of my super obnoxious niagara falls letdown and that it's not really his fault. But it doesn't really matter, they're testing out the canula to see if it helps him coordinate the suck swallow breathe trifecta. So far it has, so that's good. But it means it will be longer than a week before he comes home, for sure.

Big fat bummer.

I still bought a carseat today, though. I hope the other kids aren't jealous. It is way fancier than their infant seats ever were. But I figure I owe him one. He needs to ride in style. Poor thing had a pretty crapass go of it in my belly, and those NICU bassinets are not the most comfortable. At least he will be cozy in the car. Well, he'll scream, of course, they all do, don't they? But maybe he will be comfortable while he's pissed.

In completely unrelated news, the wee one dictated a story to the sitter today while he was home sick and I was at the hospital. It involves a dog mascot of a Special Inventors Club. The dog is named Meatball and is owned by a boy named Muchacha. I think if the wee one ever runs for president, this story may come back to haunt him.

Canulas and Meatballs. It is never a dull moment.

4 thoughts on “They say it’s not a setback

  1. So sorry there’s been a slight kink in the hopeful schedule. He will be coming homing soon, and that’s the most important thing.
    Here’s hoping today brings better news.


  2. That whole suck/swallow/breathe thing is hard! I hope he overcomes this little hiccup in the coming-home road soon so that he can listen to the crazy big-brother stories while riding in his crazy expensive car seat! Here’s to spoiling our kids 😉


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