Suddenly, it’s closer than we think…

doctors toy with us
is he ready, is he not?
it's making me nuts

Can you imagine sitting with this sweet little guy – your sweet little baby – and then having to LEAVE HIM every night? How many times can a heart break? All I can say is, eat, Ike, eat. Go, Ike, go. I'm going crazy over here.

4lbs 13oz. He is officially more than twice his birth weight. I just want to eat him.


10 thoughts on “Suddenly, it’s closer than we think…

  1. IKE! I can’t believe how incredibly huger he looks. You got the magic milk, girl! Maybe you’ve got straight haagen-dazs coming out!
    Good work. You’re going to be so happy when you can sleep next to your little guy in your bed!!
    He might need French Toast when he comes home. Via your ducts, of course. Yes, I just said ducts.


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