Can I do it?

best weekend of year
book festival mania
what does mama do?

This weekend is the Texas Book Festival. It is the best weekend of the year. Usually better than my birthday and almost as good as Christmas. So many authors, so many books, such entertaining sessions, many nerdy discussions, corn dogs, beautiful weather, fresh-squeezed lemonade, fun, fun stuff.

Last year there was free chocolate! And Gordon from Sesame Street! And George Saunders! And I accidentally talked to Vendela Vida on some rickety stairs!

But this year… this year I don't know if I can go. We are on a very precarious breastfeeding schedule. Precarious in that I want Ike-a-saurus to breastfeed all the time, and he is not super crazy about it. He can do it, but he's still not very efficient and so the bottles are winning out. This is not what I want. So I want to nurse him as much as possible. And I still have to pump to keep up my supply. Those two things will not be easy to accomplish while I traipse around the grounds of the Texas Capitol. Not to mention the fact we can't actually bring him out of the house yet.

So I could go for an hour or two, but after parking and all of that, I wouldn't even make it to one session. I could bring the hand pump and just let the booger stay home with daddy and enjoy his bottles, but where does one hand pump? In the car? The bathrooms are way too packed at the festival, and hand-pumping in the potty, gross.

But maybe I should do it. Sarah Bird is going to be there. And Susan Orlean screening Adaptation. And a Myth, Magic and Mayhem panel with Rick Riordan. And a discussion about Roald Dahl and British spies. There's just so much.

On the other hand, this year doesn't have the Sherman Alexies and the George Saunderses, so maybe I wouldn't miss much. Oh, who am I kidding?

This weekend is as close as one can get to just piling books onto a sidewalk and joyously rolling around in them. Maybe I can go for just a bit.

3 thoughts on “Can I do it?

  1. Go, mama. Take a little time for yourself after all these months. Missing one nursing is not going to make or break it. Part of being a good mom is taking care of yourself too, right? You’re not going to be gone too long, probably less than you think once you get there and miss him! But you get out and breathe the glorious fall air and get revitalized. Have fun.


  2. You need this!! If you’re not happy, you can’t be a good momma to those kiddos. One afternoon of books and bottles isn’t gonna hurt anyone!


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