Vote early and vote often!

Vote vote vote vote vote
Vote vote vote vote vote vote vote
Vote vote vote vote vote

What is today? History-making Day of Making History OR The Day I Have To Pack Up Everything I Own And Haul The Collective Family Ass To Vancouver?

We’ll see! It’s exciting! And I have cookies and chips and hot dogs to eat tonight while I watch the blowhards on TV get all Minority Report with their fancy touchscreens.

Tim Russert, wherever you are, I will have a whiteboard on my desk quietly weeping for you…

Si se puede!

6 thoughts on “Vote early and vote often!

  1. I was listening to NPR this morning while they were talking to poll workers around the country. I was actually getting choked up and so emotional over the excitement of it all. Not just that I am hopeful for CHANGE, but that so many people are excited and are voting in record numbers. That is thrilling in itself.
    God bless America, and SI SE PUEDE!


  2. Although our political opinions differ greatly, this is one time when we all agree——GET OUT AND VOTE—–even if you write your dog’s name in as a write-in for president, GO VOTE! No political slogans or references to a particular candidate from me here, unlike some of you posters; vote for whomever you think should lead this great country of ours. Please vote.


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