It’s 3:20 am

This hour kicks my ass
Later in the day – not fun
Though it’s quiet now

Waking up between 2 and 3 every AM is not a lot of fun. This is the time I’ve chosen for one of our two stinky Neosure feedings.

Ike-a-saurus guzzles a couple of ounces of the preemie formula, then I pump and watch most of the formula rise back up and come out of his nose, I console, clean, re-diaper, change his outfit, find a dry blanket, and then we both collapse into a fitful sleep until 5, when it starts all over again. Though at 5, it’s daddy’s turn. (if only he could pump, too.)
(hush with your dirty jokes.)

And even though this “routine” is exhausting, I have to say… Tiny bright eyes, a warm soft head, squishy cuddles… It’s so nice, even at 3:20am.

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