A world record?

advanced for his age
other ways to show off though
that I would prefer

Ike-a-saurus has an ear infection. And buckets of snot. So much choking and gagging. The doctor said tiny babies don't get ear infections. But he double checked and triple checked and sure enough – infected. So I guess THIS baby gets ear infections. Very advanced, this one.

Not much sleeping going on in the Haikuoftheday household.

I have been trying to think up some kind of clever and hilarious post to welcome the holiday season but I am too tired. And with the prospect looming of continued sleeplessness plus some triptophan plus a couple of sips of holiday moonshine – I may fall asleep at the table tomorrow and not wake up for three days.

So before the food coma/total physical collapse happens, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Here's to good food, more sleep, and ears that stop being red.

2 thoughts on “A world record?

  1. Oh dear…tiny babies and red ears are a bad combination. I’m sorry. Very, very sorry.
    I hope that despite the sleeplessness, you and your family have a good Thanksgiving!


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