It’s like being on vacation

life-size football dudes
running through my living room
can they do laundry?

We have inherited a ridonkulously big TV. I think it's like 42", which I know isn't THAT big, but compared to our old TV is like the face of Mount Rushmore. And it's HD! So now I can stare at the pores on Alec Baldwin's face. And I can count the individual hairs on the heads of Blair and Serena. And I can blush at the tightness of Phil's Amazing Race pants. This is all very exciting.

Thank goodness for broken HDMI inputs and in-laws who want their TV's inputs to be functioning. We don't need no stinkin' HDMI, at least until we get spoiled by the big TV. Then we will have to go out and purposely harm someone else's TV so that we can upgrade.

I think maybe my husband has hollowed out a small area at the base of the TV so that he can live in it like a squirrel. He loves it very much, especially because it doesn't yell at him. Unless it is playing videos of me. Which it does not.

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