Messing with little minds

styles are different
and that's a very good thing
makes a nice excuse

I was just musing over my parenting style after a morning of having the wee-er one rip three keys off of my laptop while I was in another room, and after watching her dump a half package of cheese dust onto the floor while we were making mac and cheese.

My instinct is to not be mad about these things. It's easier to just shrug and laugh and say Whoops and then fix it. Or ignore it until Daddy comes home and he fixes it. This feels a little lazy, though. And I do try to turn things into little lessons here and there, like, "The computer works better when it has keys I can push." And "see that cheese dust on your foot that the dog is licking off? Now he is going to poop on the carpet and none of us like that, do we?"

But is that enough? Am I raising hellions who don't fear repercussions? Children who are unaware of consequences?

I don't think so. I mean, when the wee one body slams his sister, or when his sister pinches the crap out of his ear, there is yelling and finger shaking and the word "disappointed" is thrown around with great abandon. But it's been a really, really long time since we had any time outs in this house.

I am also starting to realize that my parenting style is going to have to shift with each child. The wee one responds to the Mom Look very well. The wee-er one? Not so much. That makes things tricky. Just as soon as I feel like I have a handle on not raising sociopaths, they start needing different things. Pesky kids! Best two out three is not really something to shoot for when you're trying to prevent sociopaths, you know? You really have to go for the trifecta there.

Reading over what I just wrote makes me sound not very yell-y. That's not so true. I am kind of yell-y, and I hate that. But I am also kind of laugh-y, and I'm not sure if that's a great alternative.

Oh well. I could just keep going on and on about this, but I better go rescue the mac and cheese from the stove top, and make sure Ike-a-saurus is still breathing.

What is the wee-er one doing right now?

She's reading a book in my lap.

How did I get her to do that after such a crazy morning? I think it is pretty obvious that I had nothing to do with it. Thank God they can parent themselves some time.

Joking, joking. That was just a joke.

Sort of.

3 thoughts on “Messing with little minds

  1. Yelling is overrated…I have to bite my tongue half the time just to keep from laughing out loud at whatever chaos is going on. I try to be all parent-y and grown up…it’s not as exciting!


  2. 1. My cat ripped two keys off of my keyboard, and The Mommy Look was totally ineffective. At least you stand a chance.
    2. In my house, daddy would have to NOTICE the pile of cheese powder in order to get the urge to fix it… and that may or may not happen.
    2. I LOVE that you were making mac-and-cheese in the morning. 🙂


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