so far this morning…

staying on your toes
is much easier to do
when you're not sleeping

I tried to sleep a little extra this morning. Ike-a-saurus was tucked snugly under my arm, the wee one was off at school, and the wee-er one was in my room, sitting on the floor, quietly dressing her baby dolls. This is too tempting of a situation.

So I dozed. At one point I woke up thinking that I heard the bathroom cabinet open, but that couldn't be because it's child-proofed.

I grabbed my glasses and looked over to the bathroom. The wee-er one was in there, having opened (!) the child-proofed cabinet under the sink. She was carefully placing a pantyliner in her pull-up. She stood there for a minute, made some adjustments, and got a concentrated look on her face. Then she reached back into her pull-up and pulled out a peed on pantyliner. She rolled it up in some toilet paper, threw it away and came back into the room to play with her dolls some more.


No more dozing.

Thank God we anticipated the thwarting of the child-proofed cabinets and put all the cleaners up high in the laundry room. The pantyliners, though, I may never be able to look at the same again.

3 thoughts on “so far this morning…

  1. geesh! i caught elliot pushing a train full of tampons around the other day, maybe someone should market feminine products for kids, er, wait, bad idea.


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