The Great Toy Explosion of Aught 8

probably should get
a few wee-sized haz mat suits
for this endeavor

In the spirit of Christmas this year, instead of shaking our heads in embarrassment at the amount of toys and plastic, we are attempting to get rid of a Whole Lot O' Crap before Santa arrives.

Right now there are drifts of toys in the corners of rooms. Piles that are taller than the wee-er one. Sinkholes of building toys.

The daily exposure to lead paint and various other plasticky chemicals must make our house visible from outer space.

So we are cleaning this superfund site up. It is quite an endeavor. We have to take breaks to wash our hands because there is a fine layer of actually palpable germs on everything. Or at least this is how I feel. It is probably just crayon dust and weird lego slime, but it feels like you could hold your hand under a magnifying glass (I have found 3!) and see the germs smiling at you.

I know we're not the only people to do this during the holiday season, but it actually works out really well. All of the birthdays are in the summer and fall, so there is just enough time to play with birthday stuff, get tired of it and get rid of it before the Christmas stuff rolls in. And ditto for Christmas. Once the birthdays roll around, the Christmas stuff that was successful is still being played with, and the unsuccessful stuff is ready to be donated.

When Ike-a-sauru was due in November, this was going to jack with the system. But thankfully (can I say that?) he followed the tradition of summer babies so our toy purging schedule remains in tact.

I just figured out that if we have another baby one day (HAHAHAHA), that baby will have to born in June. Then we will have all the kids birthday's in the summer – May, June, July, August, and parents in the fall – September, October.

Look at me going on and on about things that make no sense. I am procrastinating the end of the toy purge. There are piles and piles on the floor and it is exhausting to think about going back in there and finishing the job.

More M&Ms! Fuel for the marathon!

The Great Toy Explosion must be contained!

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