Are you babelized?

learning finer points
or maybe new religion?
wee one strikes again

The wee one has had a lot of questions today about why we have Christmas, what it's really for, whether Santa knows Jesus, does Santa bring Jewish kids presents, etc. We are not a very religious family, so I always find these kinds of questions hard. There are a few residual effects from my childhood that I can bust out as party tricks – singing all of the books of the Bible in order, for example – but overall, religion is not something we talk much about around here.

After this past year, though, it's come up more often.

I guess the wee one must have overheard some talk of baptism recently because he was asking me about it this morning. Only he doesn't say "baptism," he says, "babelism."

"Have I been babelized?" he asked with a serious look. "Do I need to be?"

All I could do was chuckle. Because, really, this is a child who has been talking in complete sentences since before he was 18 months old. He was pretty much born talking. He never stops talking. Even in his sleep he talks. Talk Talk Talk. His whole world is spoken. He has no internal monologue. Wee one = talk. That's just how it is.

So, yes, if anyone in the world has been babelized, it is definitely the wee one.

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