the ottoman comes today

the glorious blogs
enlighten world with wisdom
except for this one

Today our giant ottoman comes! I know this is especially scintillating news for everyone. It's big news here, though. The ottoman is the central force of our living room. Serving as footrest, desk, chair, soapbox, thing to stack other things on, and sometimes (but hopefully not anymore) toilet, the ottoman is integral to the daily lives of the haikuoftheday family.

We are very excited.

The wee-er one is using the calculator as a phone to call her aunt and say, "The ottoman is coming! It's coming!"

We even baked it a cake yesterday.

Well, not really, but I did make a rum cake. And it IS really good and should be shared. And it DOES have a rum glaze wherein the alcohol did not actually dissipate. And I AM actually kind of drunk right now.

Rum cake for breakfast! New ottoman!


3 thoughts on “the ottoman comes today

  1. Kudos to you for including a drunk post AND a cake post in the first three days of 2009. It’s gonna be a great year 😉


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