Golden Globes! Liveblog! Tonight!

Yes, yes, sure, sure, we all pretend we don't care about the Golden Globes. But what we really should be doing is embracing them for the train wreck that they are! There is drinking and merriment! Shows that don't get nominated for any other awards get almost recognized! Inevitably, Jack Nicholson shows up! Sometimes people honk Scarlett Johannson's boobs!

It's a laugh riot, folks. And I'm going to liveblog it. Well, as much as I can while nursing, working, sending emails, and eating my weight in Snyder's Honey Mustard and Onion pretzel niblet chunk things.

7pm central time. I might start early with various pre-show entertainment. Maybe not. You'll have to drop by to see. I can't plan that far in advance.

So to recap: TV, drinking, awards, boob honking, funny, niblets, tonight.

2 thoughts on “Golden Globes! Liveblog! Tonight!

  1. They play music when you thank your dogs …. hhahaahahahahaahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahaha… that was great. That man loves his chihuahuas….


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