A writing experiment

A 6-year-old, a 2-year-old, a teeny tiny, a book-in-progress, freelance work, harassing friends with email and facebook and tweets (@haikumama), 1000+ posts to catch up on in the reader, a boob riddled with evil germs… yes, I have plenty to do.

But I can't shake that antsy feeling. So I'm going to start writing fiction on twitter. An authorly test. Can I create a cohesive work of fiction through a few posts a day? Maybe. Do I have a plot figured out? Characters? No and no. Will it be interactive? Don't know yet. It's going to be an exercise in extemporaneous fiction, I guess.

I don't promise to stick with it. I don't promise it will be good. But I do promise to have fun with it.

Want to peek in on the experiment?


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