so that happened

Top ten things the Croup has taught us:

1) Sitting next to a cool mist humidifier gives me an afro

2) When your baby is in your lap inhaling epinephrine, aim the mask down towards his face, not up towards his face. Otherwise you, too, inhale epinephrine. Not as fun as it sounds.

3) Ordering room service at the hospital is as close to pushing a Jetson's meal button as you can get. Dinner magically appears from the wall! But it tastes bad and comes in child-sized portions.

4) Inserting a baby's IV in a pitch dark room actually works.

5) Teaching hospitals. Not my favorite.

6) Listening to your baby become Chewbacca is not cool, even if you're a geek

7) When invited to visit her brother, your toddler will inexplicably lick the hospital crib.

8) Steroids make your baby eat like Takeru Kobayashi

9) Doctors with extra shiny hair make me suspicious

10) Eco-consciuos hospital toilets? Fail.

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