As the epiglottis turns

a stridor riot
goat noise secrets are revealed
science is magic

Yesterday, upon following up at the doctor for Ike-a-saurus' croup (aka stridor) that WON'T GO AWAY, they sent us back to the hospital to be admitted for more tests.

Not awesome.

Once we were settled in the hospital, the doc told us we needed to see an ENT, but the ENT wouldn't be available for 24 hours so we'd have to spend the night. This is when my famously non-confrontational easy-going hackles went sky high. Mama had had enough. And so had baby. And so had daddy. And so had everyone else in the family. I very passive-aggressively managed to get my point across that no, we would not be spending the night, we had spent the better part of three of the last six months in the hospital, and one more night was not going to happen unless there was dire need. Using admission to the hospital in lieu of getting an office appointment with a busy doctor was not going to cut it. (The idea was: doctors are busy. They won't see you in their office soon enough, so if you are an in-patient they are forced to see you. Interesting and understandable way to have to play the system – but not for me, not after everything that's been going on.)

After confirming over and over that Ike-a-saurus was not in any imminent threat, an that the ENT consult was most likely going to prove everyone's suspicion of an untreatable, not-usually-a-big-deal preemie-related thing, we asked the doctor to discharge us. She did. She was very kind about it, and also made us an appointment with an ENT for 7:30 the next morning. She totally called in a favor for us – so nice. I need to send her flowers or something.

So, fast forward to 7:30 this morning. The appointment went WAY better than I thought it would.
We knew the doctor was going to use a scope to look down Ike-a-saurus' throat and I was not super keen on the idea. But the scope was fast, and though it made the youngin' scream, it was waaaay less
traumatic than the eye doctor (at least for me, but I'm pretty sure for
him, too).

From the results of the scope, it looks like my wee-est dude has something called laryngomalacia – basically, floppy bits
and pieces of the larynx. They are partially obstructing his airway because
they're inflamed from reflux (and aggravated by the virus). Reflux –
who knew?

Now we have a script for Prevacid, and that should kick in
in about 4-6 weeks. Hopefully. If not, then we have to do scary GI
stuff, but fingers crossed the Prevacid will do the trick. And he
should outgrow the floppiness by the time he's a year old. So for now,
we just have to fix the reflux and try our best to keep him virus-free (like we're not doing that already). The doctor assured us this was a
mild case of the floppies (not an exact quote) and not at all scary. He also promised to call the ped and
tell them they could stop sending us to the hospital 40 million times.

Yay! And Whew.

This mama's going to take a nap now.

9 thoughts on “As the epiglottis turns

  1. what a journey you guys have had! Hopefully little Ike will get over this and all will be better soon. Don’t know how Prevacid works for little tikes, but it works great for old guys like your uncle Benn!


  2. THANK GOD it looks like things are going to be okay. Whew. If I should need to go to the hospital in the future, I’m asking for the Kari Suite. (and don’t skimp on monitoring the anal contractions!)


  3. Yah for you, Kari. And hooray for baby acid reflux medication. Kathleen was on one for about six months and it really made a difference. Here’s to hoping for good health and restful days for the whole family.


  4. Oh wow, reflux on top of everything else! Poor baby!! (And poor Mama, too!) Dairy is, like, *the* main culprit for reflux (though not the only possibility)–you might try cutting it out of your diet since the reflux is often just a symptom of an allergy.


  5. laryngomalacia? Was your son ever intubated (had a tube down the throat to breathe) lately or ever….? this is interesting. it is always taxing when your kids are sick. Ayman was sick for the first 6 months of last year- then in June he got really sick. Finally he got sent to the hospital, because of a raging tosil infection that was not strep or mono. he was there for a week. he got IV antibiotics. I was going to have the tonsils removed but re-thought it. He hasn’t hardly been sick at all since then but it sucks none-the-less.


  6. Does he sound like a goose honking? My older son had laryngomalacia and he sounded just like a goose. Our doc called it “floppy voice box” to describe it to us. They said it should dissapear by a year, but it dissapeared sometime between 4-6 months. I hope Ike’s dissapears just as quickly!


  7. Good for you for standing up and taking their crap. I hope Mr. Ike heals quickly.
    My 6-month-old just got diagnosed with laryngomalacia, too. She snorts and grunts and makes many very un-feminine noises. The drs say she’ll outgrow it, though.


  8. Yay for standing up to unnecessary hospital stays!! Go momma 🙂 I hope Ike-a-saurus outgrows his floppiness sooner rather than later!


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