So that happened part II – destitute boogaloo

four hours forty-five
the insurance is cut off
now THAT's severance

And so, adding to the Fun That Just Won't Stop, my husband was laid off today.


The insurance is cut off at midnight unless we pay $1400 a month for COBRA. That's like saying "unless we pay three vials of unicorn tears and 16 solid gold monkey butts."


Two weeks severance.


$170 a month for Ike-a-saurus' goose-honk-preventing Prevacid.


But what can we do? At this point, it's just surreal. We've been reenacting Mr. Mom all night. I'm going to go eat some Colonel Chicken and polish my Schooner Tuna scripts.

It's either that or FREAK OUT. And I'm too tired to freak out.

Suck it, Universe. Suck my lady balls.

19 thoughts on “So that happened part II – destitute boogaloo

  1. The universe just sucks sometimes. I am so sorry. Was hoping that 09 was going to be better for you. Thinking of you & all the good job hunting thoughts for S!!!


  2. Oh fuck, kari. Good fucking lord. I have insurance thoughts/experience–let me know if you want to talk. First thought–can you do cobra for just the babe and get privat insurance for the rest of you? That’s what we did (cobra for diabetic owen).


  3. Oh my gosh. Kari. In shock over here for you. Unbelievable.
    Seriously, think about an elimination diet for you/Ike and you may not need the Prevacid anymore. There’s $170 back in your pocket. Other than that…um…I’ve got nothin’. Just a ton of prayers and, if it’s okay with you, I’ll post a prayer request on for you as well. The ladies there prayed like mad for you and Ike during the pregnancy and NICU days, and I know they’d be honored to pray for you again.


  4. Uck. I almost had diarrhea just reading that post. Been there. I’m so sorry. Hey – I have a great idea for a children’s book and you’re just the motivated, creative, bored person to do it! wanna chat?? seriously – it’s a good idea. what would we wear when we’re on oprah to talk about it? i gotta lose weight.


  5. I, too, am punching the universe for you. This Wish I had a magic wand to pass out jobs and take away ugly reflux.


  6. Oh, shit, Kari. Know wonder you said the universe had an epic fail. I second the elimination diet to get rid of the needs for the Prevacid, though it’s hellishly stressful to undertake and probably not something you want to deal with right now.
    So, so wrong. 2009 was supposed to get better.


  7. Can I curse on your blog? I can? Okay, good. Here is my haiku for you:
    Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
    Fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck.
    Fuckity, fuck, fuck.
    Wishing you guys a silver lining.


  8. Oh, Kari, that just sucks suck sucks. I’m so sorry. Are you drinking alcohol these days? If so, I’m bringing you some wine. Maybe a box. A BIG box.


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