A review!

those small surprises
when you keep getting knocked down
suddenly are huge

I'm not sure if that's a very good haiku right there, but I'm in the throes of writing a post-apocalyptic book (you know, for kids!) and so I'm having trouble being silly. Not to say it won't be a silly post-apocalyptic book for kids… but… this actual part I'm writing right now is not the silly part. Man. What am I talking about? You guys, I've finally gone off the deep end.


Guess what I heard about today? A new review of Haiku Mama! A glowing review! On a website with a great font and a cute tree and tiny little birdies that are not scary! This was a welcome surprise.

Go check it out. And then buy a million books. The 6 people that have bought copies so far have really liked it.

(And in other book news, Mike Stellar has a summary up on Amazon now. Gotta get them to fix the bio, but yay summary! Also, keep checking in here and I'll post a link to the KA Holt blog as soon as I get it situated.)

OK. Pimping of self is over.

If you can tell me what movie the "you know, for kids!" quote is from, I'll give you ten points and a kiss on the mouth.

Am I a little bit drunk right now?


8 thoughts on “A review!

  1. My 10 year-old son loves science and space (and time travel, too)! I’ll run to the bookstore as soon as Mike Stellar is out!


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