texas gas service
you get a kick in the butt
and flick on the ear

For real? Texas Gas Service is going to charge me an extra $1.50 to pay online now? On a web site that was re-jiggered, thus erasing all customers accounts, and – without informing customers it was necessary to re-register – caused me to shout endless curse words in front of my innocent (cough) children, while I sorted out the chaos?

They want me to pay them so I can… pay them?!

And they're also going to charge me to pay by phone?

They WANT me to mail them a check? They WANT the hassle of paper cuts and illegible handwriting and 5-7 business day transactions? Alternatively, they WANT me to pile all three kids in the car and drive all over the place to hand over the check in person? Super convenient! And who cares about using all that gas? (Car gas, not stove gas.)

WTF, Texas Gas Service?


I guess they have backed me into the corner of Automatic Electronic Bank Draft now. That is not a corner I want to be in. I remember the guy who had signed up for automatic eft with the water people, and ended up having $8,500 deducted from his checking account instead of $85. I'm really excited about that happening to me – because you know it would, don't even front.

Also, what's up with an 18 digit account number? That's super fun to punch into the phone while you're holding a screaming infant.


Texas Gas Service: A Pain the Ass Since Always.

One thought on “Really?

  1. Well it’s not as bad as CoServ. A $3.95 CONVENIENCE fee. Straight from their website:
    Welcome to the automated bill payment system for CoServ, brought to you by BillMatrix Corporation. You may pay your CoServ bill using electronic check, ATM/debit card with a Pulse, Star, NYCE, or Accel logo, or a VISA or MasterCard credit card.
    Billmatrix charges a $3.95 convenience fee for this transaction.


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