barium swallow
not a glow-in-the-dark bird
though that would be cool

My Priorities For The Week:

A) Find a doctor who can make Ike-a-saurus stop sounding like this when he breathes: HORRIBLE BREATHING NOISE.

2) Find my husband a job

2b.) Find him a job that pays one million dollars, and includes benefits that don't cost 2 million dollars.

III) Pay attention to the other kids, even though I cannot hear the poor things talking to me over The Horrible Pterodactyl Noises Of Ike-a-Saurus (THPNOI).

four) Not go 100% fucking batshit insane

5) Try to focus on good things.

pre-5) Invent some good things.

F) Remind self that JK Rowling had to go on public assistance before she got filthy stinking obnoxiously successful. So, if self has to make that call for the fucking Lonestar Card, it is not a personal reflection.

7) Figure out how to tell Rick Perry that he is a gigantic cocksucking inbred blatently evil moron for a) threatening to turn down federal funds to expand CHIP in Texas and for b) saying if people were more "fiscally responsible" they wouldn't be in the shit they're in, economically. I do not have a font big or bold enough for the SUCK IT this requires.

VIII) Enjoy the science behind Ike-a-saurus' barium swallow on Wednesday, and not panic about it

9) Possibly compose a song, or make a remix of THPNOI, including Christian Bale's freakout and that Over the Rainbow song from every movie ever, by the Hawaiian guy with the really long last name.

J) Try not to go 100% batshit insane. Did I say that one already?

K) Stop repeating myself.

12) Finish this freelance job

13) Finish writing this book

XIV Is that numeral right?) Not get the flu

O) Remember to eat

16) Not get busted for blogging when I am supposed to be upstairs working

17) Be happy that I am not on Galactica right now

18) Let Wilco wash over me

nineteen) Alternatively, let Marilyn Manson do some of that musical healing, too

T) try not to go 100% batshit insane

9 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. You make me laugh. And, like you, right now I just need to laugh. If misery truly loves company, I’ll hop on the next flight out from NC to TX and join you.
    100% batshit insane. I’m right there….right there on the edge.


  2. Now that is a scary sound – poor Ike-A-Saurus! See you are still able to find the humor – not all is lost. Thinking good thoughts for you always…


  3. Oh Kari…no words can express how sorry I am that you are going through what you are going through right now. If I find that font…I’ll pass it along!


  4. Where in Texas are you? I’m in Houston. We’ve had our share of insurance problems because of my medically needy kiddo. If you’re still in need, shoot me an email, I might be able to point you in the right direction.


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