Pediatric Intensive Care

Isaac is in the PICU, intubated. He was diagnosed with the flu yesterday, and after a 911 ambulance ride from the pediatrician's office, we spent much of the day in the ER. Last night they moved him to ICU to put in the tube.
He was blue/gray all over. They had to do chest compressions on my ten pound baby boy.
It is a terrible time. He is so sick.

21 thoughts on “Pediatric Intensive Care

  1. Love, hugs and more prayers than I can count. For all of you. Please Ike, feel better baby. Please. Now would be great little love man.


  2. I am hoping and praying and crying for your whole family, Kari.
    If there is anything at all I can do to make your life easier, please, please let me know.


  3. I’ve been a complete lurker, enjoying your blog and haikus. But if there was ever a time to come out and let you know that there are people out here thinking of you, it’s now – I wish you the best, most hopeful thoughts to Ike and your family. I hope he continues to fight to be well and is on the road to recovery.


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