Tomorrow at 11

Tomorrow at 11 Isaac is having the brochoscopy. The ENT is very worried about his airway. There is a chance that during the procedure Ike could end up with a tracheotomy, or worse. They are preparing us for every possibility.

I am going radio silent to be with him. Please keep Isaac in your thoughts and prayers.

19 thoughts on “Tomorrow at 11

  1. so much love and so many prayers for Ike and all of you coming from so many people…you just can’t even imagine.
    big. big. big love.


  2. Even in South Carolina we are praying for you and will have a moment of silence & prayer on tuesday while we serve on a Children’s Emergency Shelter Board.
    Love and strength to you and your husband, –C. Brown


  3. You and Ikeasaurus are surrounded by good thoughts, hopes, prayers, and well wishes, Kari…but you know that. Most of all, just know that you’re loved. Be well, Ike!


  4. Kari, all your old friends at T3 are thinking of you and praying for a successful surgery for Ike tomorrow. Adding more wishes of love and strength to you and your family. — Jennie Trower


  5. Your family has touched ours in such a way that it is just so hard to even describe. Ike and your entire family are in our thoughts and prayers. Feel the love today Kari, especially at 11am.


  6. Though I do not know you personally, please know that as part of this community I lift prayers of strength up for you and your family, for the doctors and of course little Ike.


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