He is having heart rate drops

And they don't know why. He's done it before, but always because of a vasovagal response from stimulus. This time it was a couple of hours of off and on bagging to keep his heart rate up. It seems to have everyone mystified.

I know everyone is already sending out good thoughts and prayers. We continue to need them. Ike-a-saurus really needs them right now.

I was silly to think that once the difficulty of the trach procedure was over it would be more a time of healing and figuring out what to do next and less a time of tenuous scariness. These past few hours have proven that things are still very precarious.

29 thoughts on “He is having heart rate drops

  1. I just visited your mom (awesome) and G (also awesome “dino look”). They are doing fine. And I am sending a giant mountain of prayers and good thoughts.


  2. Absolutely, Kari. I’m sorry to hear this and please know that Ike and you all are in my thoughts and prayers, non-stop.


  3. Hi Kari,
    It’s Holli from Pediatric Associates. Extra good thoughts for Isaac. You guys hang in there, I am thinking about you always!


  4. As I was reading your updates, I was sobbing so hard that my husband came running in from the other room to see what was wrong. I can’t imagine the pain you are in. You constantly amaze me with your strength. I am “praying without ceasing” for you and Ike and your family. I wish I could hug you and make it all better. Much love!!!


  5. Kari, you are a rock. Of your family, of this community, of the writer community I’m sure. You tell that son of yours he has to shape up and get well! With authority.
    We are all on our knees over here. C’mon, Ike, you’re a powerhouse like your mama!! Much love to you all.


  6. We are all saying prayers for Ike and all of your family. You guys keep your faith strong – Kari you are simply amazing!
    We Love you


  7. Thinking of you all and sending little Ike lots of strength. Kathie said it best, squeeze into that body, this is a good place and obviously there are so many people here who love you.


  8. This is no fun, is it, Ike. Just keep thinking about all the fun you have ahead of you. All the crawling and walking and running and driving your mom crazy 🙂


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